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Black Music Legacy

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The Pulse of American Music

A Legacy Steeped in Genius
From Buddy Bolden to Christian McBride in Jazz, and from Thomas Dorsey to Fred Hammond in Gospel, Black American genius created the music we know and love best.

Join us on our mission to preserve, protect and perpetuate the legacy of Black American music within its originating culture.

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The Gospel Among Us

"Blues are the songs of despair, but gospel songs are the songs of hope."
Mahalia Jackson
Gospel Pioneer
"He’s worthy of the glory, he’s worthy of the honor, every time I think of the goodness of Jesus and allllll he’s done for me.....My prayer has always been, ‘Give me songs that last.’ I want my songs to last after I’m gone."
Richard Smallwood
Gospel Innovator
Wings Over Jordan choir was the first black singing group with a national radio audience. Their broadcasts were used as a way to sneak information past the indifference of white station owners to let the world know what was happening and the injustices being done in many areas. The messages they sang were written by black writers, to give black people hope.
Wings Over Jordan
Negro Spirituals